Jonny Blockchain Smart Contract Earns Up To 125%

First things first... just to clarify: I'm not a financial advisor and this is not a financial advise. Always invest safely, invest only what you can afford to lose and do your own due diligence. Now that's been said, let's take a closer look.

What is this "Jonny Blockchain Smart Contract" actually?

Jonny Blockchain is a website wich provides you with automated or semi automated tools for trading crypto and fiat currencys. Eg. arbitrage trading or to find the best exchange rate if you want to liquidate some coins. To be able to use these tools, you need credits. You can buy this credits on the website for Trons (TRX). For 100 TRX (less than $ 8.00) you will get 3 Credits.
I personally like the "My Portfolio" tool. There you can connect all your Coin exchanges, like Kraken, Liquid, Exmo and so on. There you go, the perfect overview of all your coins.

But the best is coming now: With the new Smart Contract you get the Trons you paid back, but with a 125% Return! So you are practically get paid for using the tools. How cool is that?

Furthermore the Smart Contract is completely different from all the others out there! The "standard" Smart Contract lives from the payments made by new members. The first are mostly those who start with large amounts. The so called "whales". As soon as they are in profit, they take out there money and the contract is draining out. So usually the first members cash in while the last ones get nothing. Not so with Jonny Blockchain! This Smart Contract is not dependent on new deposits. The members get paid from profit sharing of arbitrage, DiFi and mining. The world's first of its kind! Earn up to 125% passive income! Paying out daily direct to your wallet. There is no guaranteed minimum daily return. In the worst case, the daily return could be zero! So far, my average return was around 1.5% daily. No zero days so far. Not that bad, right?

In this video review you will find an overview of Jonny Blockchain and the Smart Contract as well as some initial results that show what is possible with JB.

What Do I Need To Start?

First you need to setup a TronLink wallet. This is the wallet that can connect/interact with the Smart Contract at the TRX Blockchain. You can download the wallet on the official Website. It is availlable for the Chrome browser (extension) and for Android or Apple mobile phones.

And beside the wallet, or should I say inside the wallet, you need some Tron, of course...
The minimum you can start with is 100 Tron which gives you 3 Credits. There is no maximum limit at the moment. Of course, the more you put in, the more you'll get in return. But as already mentioned at the beginning, always invest safely and stay in your budget. You can start with a low budget and compound the earnings. As I said, this Smart Contract is made to last.

I'm ready to make some money - let me start now!

Great! Assuming you now have an active TronLink - wallet, loaded with a minimum of 100 TRX go on and register your account with the link below. But keep in mind that you always need a few Tron (depending on the amount of TRX that you want to spend for credits) for transaction fees. Important: You need to open your TronLink wallet before registration! Otherwise you will get an error message that you have to install TronLink wallet.

Register your JB-Account and make some money now!

If you need some help with the registration, just watch the video here:

If you need further help, e.g. how to join with a mobile device, or how to buy Tron, just go to my Youtube-Chanel. There you find additional videos on the subject. And of course you can ask, just contact me here.

Note: If you already have a JonnyBlockchain-Account, the link above will not work. Since you need an invitation to join this new smart contract, you may want to contact your original sponsor at JB - he/she then can provide you with a special invitation link. If he/she is no longer in JB/no longer available feel free to contact me and I will provide you with such a link.
You allready got it: I (or my wife, cause it's a rotator link) will receive some affiliate commissions when you join trough above link.